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Made from our innovative recycled fabric, our Towels For Two are perfect for picnics, the whole family or as a throw at home and on the road.




"Bought this towel and will never go back to a normal towel. I can now enjoy sitting on the beach without bringing the sand home with me! The colours are so beautiful and truly stand out."

Theo V.

"The more towels you buy, the harder it is to choose which one to take to the beach with you. They are equally designed beautifully and live up to the claims of lightweight, quick drying, sand free and take up a hell of a lot less space in the cupboard. Worth every penny and a great gift for friends and family."

Bree J.

"Comes with me everywhere! Been using these towels the past couple of months. I love that I can just throw them in my bag without taking up too much room. I've now got both the standard and the oversized towels!"

Daryl C.

"The quality of this towel is absolutely amazing, it's truly sand free, so compact and light. It dries the body well and is quick dry, the perfect beach and travel towel! I cannot wait to take this towel travelling and bonus it's so pretty to look at. I highly recommend!"

Caity G.

"We purchased the Blue Dream Towel for Two. It's absolutely beautiful! It's perfect for the beach with our 3 kids. It's a great size and great quality. I highly recommend them. Fantastic service too."

Hannah M.

"I have all three different sizes of the towel and I’m obsessed! Lightweight, compact, quick to dry, sand-free, and of course so pretty! Highly recommend for the beach, travel, gym, picnics, and everything in between!"

Eve V.

"It was a present from my bestie and i love it. This beautiful design and great usability make it simply unique at the beach, at the playground with my toddler and at sports. I‘m just thrilled."

Anne U.

"We always carry this towel in our travel bags. It is lightweight, and dryes so fast. And the design is extraordinary. Excellent quality for a reasonable price."

Isabel R.
In 2021, We Saved Over 100k Plastic Bottles From Landfill

Turning Waste
Into Towels

To help reduce the enormous amounts of plastic ending up in landfill and our oceans each year, we choose to use recycled post-consumer plastics to make our Breathing Travel towels. With your purchase, you're directly helping to clean our planet.
sand free beach towel
Sand Free
No more drying yourself with a sandy towel! Leave the sand at the beach and not in your bag, car or home.
Travel towel
For Any Adventure
Our towels are ultra versatile and can be used for beach, travel, swimming, yoga, picnics, caravan & much more!
Super Absorbent
Our high-quality fibres can absorb a tremendous amount of water. Luxuriously soft, our towels will actually dry your body.
Compact & Lightweight
Made from our innovative recycled fibres, our towels are not only extra soft, but quick dry, odourless and compact.