The secret is in the details.

Innovative waffle-woven fabric

We have developed our innovative Breathing Travel™ fabric over 12 months until we had it perfect!

Our fabric is engineered to create a towel that is sand resistant through its densely woven fibres. Sand simply won't stick to the fabric, it will slip right off.

We work with a microfibre waffle technology that makes our towels softer, more absorbent and faster drying than common beach towels.


We are proudly designed in Australia, a country full of natural beauty, coastal abundance, beaches and the ocean at our doorstep, so we made a promise to manufacture with recycled fabrics.

We also ship all our orders in a waterproof 100% home-compostable shipping mailer, which will break down within 90-120 days. 

The anti-microbial properties will help keep your towel odourless and therefore, it can be washed less frequently too.

Why you'll love it

Our innovative Breathing Travel™ fabric has multifunctional characteristics: 
  • Sand Free: so you can leave the sand where it belongs.
  • Absorbent: it can soak up a tremendous amount of water.
  • Anti-Microbial: say goodbye to smelly towels. 
  • Quick Dry: it dries in less than half the time of a cotton towel.
  • Luxuriously Thick: nobody wants to dry their body with a towel that is paper thin, sticky, or feels like animal skin. Treat yourself to the best form of waffle-woven fibers!
  • Super Durable: machine-washable, easy to clean and colors won't fade even after numerous washing circles.


Our towels are great for the beach, swimming, sweating during yoga or sports, hiking, road tripping, camping & more.

Breathing Travel towel tech